Which Love Language Bests Represents You?


Woman sitting in living room

The Five love languages are:

  • Acts of Service – if someone stepping in and helping you just because sends your heart racing. Your love buzz is that makes you feel warm and valued is this character trait. Understand this does not necessarily mean that this person enjoys fulfilling the acts of service. What this person does enjoy is seeing you happy and contented and if it means helping out, he or she does it with joy.
  • Quality Time – If someone spending quality, uninterrupted time with you ignites that flame. You are someone who values quality time. Like acts of service someone who honors your need for quality time may accommodate you because it means a great deal to you, and they want to see you pleased. In return you need to understand their love language and maybe affection is their love language you should reciprocate, as your desire should be to see them pleased.
  • Words of Affirmation – If hearing affirming words such as: I love you, I value you, I appreciate you are important to you to validate you makes you feel the most loved, words of affirmation is your love language.
  • Affection – If a hug, a kiss, a touch, cuddling, and sexual intimacy is what makes you feel the most loved then your love language is affection.
  • Gifts – if your love language is receiving gifts – this does not necessarily mean you are materialistic. It simply means that by giving you items that a lot of thought went into it, no matter how small is how you associate love.