Some Things to Consider When You Are Ready to Date


  • Would you lie about yourself on a first date? If you would lie what would prevent your date from doing the same? We tend to attract people who reflect who we really are. If you’re a liar, you’ll either attract someone who is a liar or you’ll attract someone susceptible to being lied too.
  • What would be your ideal place for a first date? Have you conveyed in your prior conversation’s things you, food you like?
  • Would you pick up your date from their house?
  • Who would decide the place to go for the date? If a man, are you the decider or are you willing to yield and let the woman make the plans? Woman, are you okay with the man making all the arrangements and simply surprise you?
  • Would you answer calls and texts during a date? If not, how would you handle the situation?
  • Would you talk about/initiate sexual conversations on the first date? If you’re not comfortable with intimate conversations on early encounters? If not make sure you say so. Don’t sit in an uncomfortable situation ever without letting the person offending know you’re offended/uncomfortable. This is actually a great discovery.If the person that you inform, that you’re uncomfortable doesn’t respect that – Stop! Hold on! Wait a minute!! It should be a wrap!! Next!!


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