Is Your Relationship Resume Adequate

Is your relationship Resume Adequate?

For the women who are clear what type of man they want in their lives the question must be asked, “If he brings all the good to the table what does he get in return?” What do you bring? Especially if a man has actually met the requirements spelled out in your laundry list?

Non Negotiable helps each of us spell out our truths of what is desirable for us personally in a committed relationship and hopefully our truth’s, your truth’s match up with the truths of the one you are spending time with.

It is imperative that our truths govern your conversation. If for instance his list looks like this:
• Stay at home mom
• Good cook
• Good housekeeper
• Athletic

You get the idea, maybe that is you and maybe it isn’t. Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not! Make it know who are you and see if your non negotiables and his can be melded together to create a harmonious atmosphere that works for all parties.

And for the gentlemen don’t spend time trying to replace your mother, for those of you who do. Having said that, there should be traits that are important to you that you too, hold fast too.

Honest communication is such a lost art! People are not as hurt behind the truth provided up front than they are a lie told regardless of the when it’s told. Truth allows each person to go into the relationship with their eyes open and if they get hurt in the process, they have no one else to blame but themselves as they failed to accept truth hoping for some other outcome.

I submit if we spent more time talking in truth and less time trying to guess what someone is thinking there would be a lot less broken and bitter hearts!

So get your relationship resume together! Brush it off, update it! I submit what your resume relationship looked like a few years ago is different from what experience has done to enhance it!

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