Come On In…

Non-Negotiable is an application designed to preset your dating parameters and provide a road map to use when encountering a prospect.

We Make It Easy to Stand By Your Truth’s

To many times people make rash decisions for dating, are not clear about their dating objectives and goals, hence they walk in as a spectator instead of being intentional and find themselves spending time with people they should not have been spending time with to begin with. By putting a road map in place emotions come out of the identifiers and you’re truly putting in the things that are of value to you, important to you, and before you become romantically involved you have a map to input the traits you’ve encountered and decide if there should be a second date.

If I Knew Then…

Definition Of Dating

Opportunity to meet people, observe them WITHOUT making a commitment.

What are Non Negotiable? Non Negotiables are issues of life that you hold dear that you are not willing to compromise on.

You should know out the door what your non-negotiables are so that you don’t waste any precious time with someone not worthy of being in your space.

The best way to begin identifying your non-negotiables is to make a list of all the things that you do not like in people. Then make a list of all the things you do like or would like to have. Take an honest look at your past relationships and write down all character traits or situations you found yourself in that brought you absolutely no joy. If you found yourself dating the same type of person over and over again the only common denominator is YOU! So you first need to fix YOU.

Only you know what your likes and dislikes are. By observing various character traits against your non negotiables you will find yourself making better dating choices!

Before the Dating Stage

Before you begin the dating stage you should first answer the question “why are you dating?”

Understanding why you’re dating is crucial to identifying your desired outcome. What do you personally want to get out of it? Once you can answer that question then that’s what you’re honest about and you should convey to the person who has asked you out on a date or to whom you’ve asked out on a date.

You may not know fully if the person you’re dating is on the same page as you and desiring the same outcome as you. But it definitely doesn’t take years to discover. If we’re honest we pretty much know about 60 days in, and that’s being generous, whether or not you should continue in having contact with the individual you’re dating.

NEVER make the foolish assumption that you can change anyone. Take the person at their word and watch more importantly their actions!

How Do They Treat You?

  • Are they kind?
  • Are they respectful?
  • When in your presence do they look at the opposite sex?
  • Do they possess any caring characteristics? Pulling out the chair or opening the door (if a male)?
  • Do they ask you, if at dinner, if you’d like to try/share what they’re having?
  • Whoever is treating does the person order the most expensive item on the menu?
  • Does the male make a joke about you paying the bill? (That’s a tactic to see if you will pay for the meal. A heads up moment: In general, whoever asks the person out on date there is an implicit expectation that that person is going to pay for the evening. If you are a female and you are paying for the bill, does the man insist that he wants to pay for it… not half but IT. It’s okay if you say no you got it, just know it’s a chivalrous stance for the man to take. I’m just saying!!
What About Their Temperament?

  • Are they aggressive?
  • Do they listen to you?
  • Are they quick tempered?
  • Are they dismissive?
  • Are they superficial?
  • Are they always focused on the outward instead of what’s inside.
  • Do they listen?
  • Do they really care about what you’re talking about?
  • Do they turn their cell phone off during your date? If not, how often do they respond to the activity on the phone?
  • We see fashion as an immense field of self-expression and experiments that contains a lot of possibilities for designers.
Definition Of Love

  • Patient and Kind
  • Does not envy or boast
  • Is not arrogant or rude
  • It does not insist in its own way
  • It does not rejoice in wrongdoing but rejoices in truth
  • Love bears all things*
  • Love believes all things*
  • Love hopes all things*
  • Love endures all things*

(all is laced in the marriage vow. You do not accept all things when there is not a covenant relationship — marriage)