Love Languages

There are five distinct love languages, defined by experts. Our love language(s) tell us how we feel the greatest sense of love from our partner, and it identifies how we uniquely express our love as identified by Dr. Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages: the secret to a love that lasts! How to… [Read More]

Some Things to Consider When You Are Ready to Date

SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER Would you lie about yourself on a first date? If you would lie what would prevent your date from doing the same? We tend to attract people who reflect who we really are. If you’re a liar, you’ll either attract someone who is a liar or you’ll attract someone susceptible to… [Read More]

Five Character Traits to Look For When Dating

Five Character Traits to Look for When You Are Ready to Start Back Dating When are you ready to date? Simple answer: “When you are not ready to settle for less than being with a person that compliments the best of what you’ve identified as our non negotiables!” Important to remember: You should never consider… [Read More]

Is Your Relationship Resume Adequate

Is your relationship Resume Adequate? For the women who are clear what type of man they want in their lives the question must be asked, “If he brings all the good to the table what does he get in return?” What do you bring? Especially if a man has actually met the requirements spelled out… [Read More]